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My Stars: A New Tradition


When we reach 7,500 “likes” on the My Stars Facebook page, we’ll give away FOUR sets of four modern quilting books to celebrate !

But we need your help. Here’s what you need to do:

1.    Hit “like” on the My Stars Facebook page.
2.    Hit “share” to tell your friends about this great giveaway.
3.    Leave a comment on this site to be entered into our giveaway. (You can comment on Facebook, too, but it is the comments on this site that enter you in the giveaway.)

When we reach 7,500 likes, we will choose four winners at random. The sooner we reach 7,500 likes, the soon we choose the winners, so be sure to hit “like” and “share” on Facebook! And leave a comment on this site to be entered in the giveaway.

We will contact the winners by email. One entry per person, please. Good luck!

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New Journey

Found my abandoned blog….so going to start making some posts. I feel like this is part of my writing collage of notebooks I have of my poetry writings and stories.

Anywho, to begin I will be posting some experiences with my businesses. I have been self-employed as a real estate agent/loan agent for over ten years. I have also started some online businesses to add more income to my pockets.

Currently, I am working on an affiliate program that I aim to make some decent money from. I know…..been there done that, but this time I am actually going to stick with it and follow all the rules and steps provided 🙂 Yes, I am stepping out of the box. Besides, that saying “Don’t re-invent the wheel; it works fine the way it was made” stands the time more often than not.

Until next time,





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